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Bio Briefs

For dental imaging, OCT on a chip
Boon S. Ooi is teaming with researchers at the University of Maryland Dental School and at Northwestern University to develop a technology that will replace x-rays as a method of imaging teeth and gums.
Plotting the pathways of pathogens
Scientists tracking the spread of pathogens in groundwater, and homebuilders seeking a safe distance from septic system to water well, ask the same question: How far do bacteria travel through porous media like soil?
A mechanical fix for the vulnerable middle ear
Samir Ghadiali and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center have been awarded two NIH grants to develop computational models of the Eustachian tube.
Synthetic corneas, a layer at a time
Padma Rajagopalan, a member of Lehigh's bioengineering and life sciences program, assembles 3-D layered cellular architectures that resemble the stratified, lattice-like structure of tissues in vivo.