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Skypecasting a revolution

Lehigh was recently lauded by Libyan freedom fighters and higher-ed communications leaders alike for its innovative Spring 2011 use of social media to connect members of the National Transitional Council to Lehigh students and members of the national and international press. The April 14 Lehigh-Libya Skypecast, coordinated by Lehigh’s Office of International Affairs and engineering student Issa Hakim, was carried by a host of media outlets and shared throughout the Arab world. In late December, the Media Center of the February 17th Revolution hosted an event to recognize individuals and groups that helped in communicating the realities of life under the Gadafi regime, including Issa and Lehigh. (Check out the plaque with English translation.) In late January, the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education bestowed a gold medal upon Lehigh in the District II social media category for its role in bringing the voice of “the Libyan front lines” to Lehigh students and the world. For more, see the YouTube video.