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Lehigh to partner with Penn Stainless

Lehigh materials engineers will be partnering with Penn Stainless Products, a distributor and processor of specialty stainless steel products, to learn more about materials issues while supporting the firm's product research and development.

Through this partnership, Lehigh faculty and students will gain access to more than 20 specialty stainless, duplex and nickel alloys for research and experimentation. It will also allow students the opportunity to learn about the practical challenges related to manufacturing and engineering.

"We are very pleased to work with Penn Stainless Products," said John duPont, professor of Lehigh's materials science and engineering department. "It's vital that our students understand the real-world issues facing metal consumers, and the company's extensive inventory and processing expertise is an invaluable asset that will help our students to complete experiments."

The collaboration will also allow Penn Stainless to access Lehigh’s metallurgical staff and laboratories, and to benefit from related expertise in mechanical and industrial engineering and structural design.

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