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Lehigh to offer new summer engineering program in Germany

Lehigh engineering students have a new opportunity at an educational experience abroad.

The university has struck a partnership with Germany's Pforzheim University on a new summer program geared towards manufacturing and engineering. The program will be offered exclusively to students from Lehigh and Penn State.

The program -- which will be taught in English -- will be oriented towards manufacturing, production, and logistics (especially related to the German auto industry), but is open to all majors. The summer curriculum will cover 9 credits spread across to technical courses and a course in the German language. The courses will include laboratory exercises, case studies, plant visits, with all instruction and tours taught in English.

Students interested in learning more about the program can attend an information session with Dr. Matthias Weyer, Dean of Pforzheim's School of Engineering, on Friday, January 24 in Packard 416 at 3:10 p.m.

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Lehigh engineering students will now have an opportunity to spend their summer studying abroad in Germany.