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Faculty Updates

Steel Roses at Wilbur Powerhouse

A valentine forged from steel
Lehigh students gather at Wilbur Powerhouse in early February to craft a unique Valentine's Day gift. | MORE >

Nuclear fusion

Energy's future: Nuclear fusion?
Lehigh's Arindam Banerjee says nuclear fusion could be a viable long-term option for energy use thanks to advances in supercomputing. | MORE >

3D Metal Printing

Lehigh extends reach with first 3-D metal printer in United States
University breaks new ground in partnership with British engineering company Renishaw. | MORE >

Jonathan Wierer

Advancing the LED revolution
ECE's Jonathan Wierer part of group working to make LEDs and laser diodes more efficient by using quantum dots in the light-producing regions. | MORE >

Wojciech Misiolek

High honors for Lehigh's Wojciech Misiolek
Lehigh MatSci Chair and Loewy Institute Director nominated for work in engineering science in native Poland. | MORE >

Matt Bilsky

Engineering with an entrepreneurial mindset
MechE adjunct professor and rececent doctoral recipient Matthew Bilsky on the new standard for teaching the next generation of students. | MORE >

Nelson Tansu

Lehigh's Nelson Tansu elected Fellow of National Academy of Inventors (NAI)
Engineering professor and research center director lauded for 'spirit of innovation' | MORE >

Arup SenGupta

At the cutting edge of better water softeners
Arup SenGupta and his team have found a way to reduce the amount of sodium used in water softening techniques using aluminum ions. | MORE >

TE Connectivity

Building stronger connections
Top Keystone State employer partners with Lehigh University to bolster R&D — and the PA economy | MORE >

Justin Jaworski

Reducing wind turbine noise through the study of owls
MechE's Justin Jaworski is part of a team looking to improve the design of planes, cars and underwater vehicles. | MORE >

Dan Frangopol

Dan Frangopol elected to Royal Academy of Belgium
CEE Professor elected to the Academy for the Science and the Arts as a foreign member. | MORE >

Ken Tarby

Remembering Ken Tarby, Materials Science and Engineering
Kenneth Tarby, who died in November at the age of 82, spent 41 years as part of the Lehigh University faculty. | MORE >

Zhou and Berdichevsky

Lehigh researchers find new way to map the brain
Chao Zhou and Yevgeny Berdichevsky are the first to explore the use of highly-sensitive, non-invasive optical coherence tomography (OCT) to examine neuron-to-neuron communication in live tissue. | MORE >

Integrated Networks for Electricity

Making the most of clean energy
Exploring the systems, technology, and transaction models that would promote a 'shared economy' for renewable energy | MORE >

Dr. Israel Wachs

Catalyzing Excellence
Israel Wachs wins major award from AIChE for career contributions to cutting-edge research leadership | MORE >

Volkmar Dierolf and Himanshu Jain

A new kind of crystalline solid
Lehigh professors Volkmar Dierolf and Himanshu Jain part of team demonstrating the fabrication of what they call a new class of crystalline solid. | MORE >

Berger, Brown, Suleiman

An Enzyme's Story
From deep sea sponges to more reslient infrastructure, courtesy of interdisciplinary science and engineering. | MORE >

Alexis Ostapenko

Remembering Alexis Ostapenko, Professor Emeritus
Civil and environmental engineering professor, 92, spent over four decades with Lehigh Engineering. | MORE >

Chris Kiely

Exploring the inner workings of catalysis
Lehigh professor Chris Kiely explores the inner workings of catalysis in the Nature Communications article, "Population and hierarchy of active species in gold iron oxide catalysts for carbon monoxide oxidation." | MORE >

Stephen DeWeerth

DeWeerth joins Lehigh as Rossin College Dean
Stephen DeWeerth has joined Lehigh University as its new dean of the Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science. | MORE >

Tamás Terlaky

Tamás Terlaky named a Fellow for INFORMS
Industrial and systems engineering professor and chair recognized for his achievments in operations research and the management sciences. | MORE >

Paolo Bocchini

Using data for better disaster recovery
Paolo Bocchini and Aman Karamlou develop technique to demonstrate effectiveness on transportation network recovery. | MORE >

Kelly Schultz

Tatic-Lucic named ECE interim chair
The professor is a NSF CAREER award winner for her work that focused on the development of a system for extracellular recording from patterned neural networks. | MORE >

Anand Jagota

Where the rubber meets the road
Team led by ChBE's Anand Jagota collaborating with Michelin Corporation and NSF to develop materials that could improve the safety and reliability of tires. | MORE >

Kelly Schultz

A scaffold to speed healing
ChBE's Kelly Schultz heads NIH-funded project to study how cells remodel their natural environment — a step towards faster wound healing and tissue generation. | MORE >

Dan Frangopol

Frangopol earns inaugural ASCE Award
The Alfredo Ange award goes to the CEE professor for his significant contributions to the field of civil infrastructure. | MORE >

Ramesh Shankar

Dr. Ramesh Shankar joins Lehigh as director of ESEI
Shankar succeeds ECE professor Rick Blum, who served as interim director over the past year. | MORE >

Loewy Institute

Renewing a Lehigh Legacy
In rededicating the Loewy Institute, Lehigh renews a legacy in Materials Processing. | MORE >

Sushil Kumar

A Laser-Sharp Focus
Lehigh engineering's Sushil Kumar and his research team use a periodic cavity structure to channel light more intensely. | MORE >

Quantum Dots

A new way to produce quantum dots
Three Lehigh University engineering professors develop a new process to produce quantum dots. | MORE >

Loewy Institute

Introducing the Loewy Institute
Formerly known as the Institute for Metal Forming, the Loewy Institute was dedicated in Whitaker Lab in April. | MORE >

Helping Machines Forget

Helping Machines Forget
Lehigh Assistant Professor Yinzhi Cao has developed a way to make learning systems "forget" data. | MORE >

Arup SenGupta

Cleaner drinking water through Zirconium
Professor Arup SenGupta and his students create the first filter capable of removing both fluoride and arsenic from groundwater. | MORE >

Angela Brown

A New Approach to Fighting Bacteria
A new alternative in the development of antibiotics earns Lehigh ChBE professor Angela Brown a NSF CAREER award. | MORE >

Helen Chan

A Single Crystal
A group from Lehigh has been working on discovering new methods of crystallization. | MORE >


You're So Vein
Lehigh researchers bet you think this protein's about you. | MORE >

Helen Chan

Lehigh MatSci Chair awarded Fulbright
Professor Helen Chan was awarded the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program grant to teach in Austria. | MORE >

Yaling Liu

MechE prof wins NSF award for cancer cell study
Yaling Liu studying blood cell interactions and functionalized leukocytes for killing cancer cells. | MORE >

Israel Wachs

Israel Wachs receives NSF award
Lehigh ChBE professor receives award for rational design of high temp water-gas shift catalysts. | MORE >

Nader Motee

Motee earns Office of Naval Research Young Investigator award
The assistant professor of mechanical engineering and mechanics was recognized for his project, "Risk is New Robustness: A Systemic Perspective." | MORE >

Dan Frangopol

Frangopol wins NSF award on life-cycle management of civil infrastructure
Lehigh CEE professor earns accolades with grant, "Life-Cycle Management of Civil Infrastructure Considering Risk and Sustainability." | MORE >

Christopher Kiely

Controlling the Leidenfrost effect
Researchers in Hong Kong and at Lehigh demonstrate how to control the direction and destination of liquid droplets on a surface and thus cool it more efficiently. | MORE >

Christopher Kiely

Lehigh among group creating rare mineral only found in Australia, UK
A research group including matsci professor Christopher Kiely says georgeite outperforms commercial catalysts in critical reactions. | MORE >

Anand Jagota

Lehigh ChemE professor earns NSF GOALI grant for tire design
Anand Jagota partnering with Cornell and Michelin to investigate surface architectures for enhancement of sliding and static friction against rough and smooth surfaces. | MORE >

3D architecture

Jain leads effort on 3D architecture for new optical functionalities in glass
A recent NSF GOALI grant is supporting research toward improving photonic integrated circuit technology. | MORE >

James Hwang

Hwang receives SBIR subcontract for RF MEMS research
ECE professor's lab partnering with Texas-based MEMtronics Corp. on a project funded through the Air Force Research Lab. | MORE >

Autonomous Flight Record

Cleared for takeoff
Lehigh engineers team up to break autonomous flight record with dynamic soaring UAV. | MORE >

Autonomous Flight Record

Tiny Wires, big dreams
With a Lehigh boost, Bethlehem high-schooler takes bronze in national research competition. | MORE >


Lehigh ISE leads annual INFORMS conference
Industrial and systems engineering department organizes annual event, held this month in Philadelphia. | MORE >

Arup SunGupta

Lehigh professor recognized for clean water efforts
AIChE inducts CEE's Arup SunGupta as a Fellow for his efforts on improving global clean water access. | MORE >

Smart Grid

Clustering to protect tomorrow's power grid
Cross-disciplinary Lehigh effort supports DOE efforts in smart grid cybersecurity. | MORE >

Jeetain Mittal

On engineering’s leading edge
Chemical engineering professor Jeetain Mittal recognized by National Academy for impactful early career work | MORE >

Chou Zhou

Turn on Your Heart Light
Researcher and Lehigh assistant professor Chou Zhou aims laser beams at fruit flies in the fight against heart disease. | MORE >

KEEN Partnership

A Keen Partnership for Lehigh
Lehigh University partners with national network, earns $200K grant to infuse entrepreneurial mindset into engineering | MORE >

Greener Glass

Glass in a greener age
Lehigh and the University of Colorado engineers believe the use of an electric field could make it easier to soften and form glass into desired shapes and reducing the amount of energy required to do so. | MORE >

Nelson Tansu

Inspiration with global impact
Lehigh professor Nelson Tansu’s journey into academia becomes #1 selling Indonesian children’s book | MORE >

INE Smart Grid

Cybersecuring the smart grid
INE research cluster to explore smart-grid cybersecurity with DOE support. | MORE >

Robert Wei

Remembering Robert P. Wei
An expert in fracture mechanics who took the lead in creating Lehigh’s IPD program, died Sept. 28 at the age of 84. | MORE >

Paolo Bocchini

Interdisciplinary team wins multi-institutional NSF grant
CEE assistant professor Paolo Bocchini leads a group effort as part of a new $20M investment in infrastructure resilience. | MORE >

James Ricles and Richard Sause

Ricles, Sause win major NSF grant
Civil engineering professors win major NSF grant to study infrastructure response to natural hazards | MORE >

Brandon Krick, Natasha Vermaak

Research Update: Drs. Brandon Krick, Natasha Vermaak, MechE
The Mechanical engineering assistant professors are interested in improving the wear resistance of composite materials. | MORE >

Materials Science

125 years of Materials Science
The engineering department celebrates 125 years on campus at Lehigh University. | MORE >


Lehigh earns NSF ADVANCE Grant
University will partner with Georgetown, Bucknell, Lafayette & the US Military Academy on the "MAPWISEly" project.| MORE >

Helen Chan and Richard Vinci

Research Update: Drs. Helen Chan and Rick Vinci, MatSci
The Lehigh engineering research duo were awarded an NSF grant for their work in inorganic composite research. | MORE >

Manoj Chaudhury

Research Update: Manoj Chaudhury
ChBE professor receives a subcontract for an NSF SBIR-II Award for novel surface sensor | MORE >

Steven McIntosh

Quantum dots, made greener
Lehigh team develops low-cost, environmentally-safe biomanufacturing of nanocrystal semiconductors. | MORE >


Research Update: Drs. Plebani, Terlaky, and Wilson, ISE
Plebani, Terlaky and Wilson win grant to develop optimization tool for Pennsylvania Department of Corrections | MORE >

Zhiyuan Yan

Research Update: Zhiyuan Yan, ECE
The electrical and computer engineering associate professor wins an NSF grant for high performance polar decoders | MORE >

Clay Naito

Lehigh's ATLSS Center gets $5M Grant
The five-year NSF award will support the operation and maintenance to perform research using the unique experimental facilities in the research center. | MORE >

Clay Naito

Research Update: Clay Naito, CEE
Professor wins NSF award for development of next generation building envelope systems | MORE >

Romero and Neti

Lehigh researchers tackle industrial air cooling
Carlos Romero and Sudhakar Neti are working to create more effective air cooled condensers that are used in power generation, especially in warmer climates. | MORE >

Fazil Erdogan

Remembering Dr. Fazil Erdogan
He served as chair of mechanical engineering and mechanics and interim dean of Lehigh University's College of Engineering. | MORE >

Slava Rotkin

Mapping the strain in a wonder material
Slava Rotkin is working with an international research group to study the properties of graphene using spectroscopy and statistical analysis. | MORE >

John Coulter and Sabrina Jedlicka

Research Update: Sabrina Jedlicka, MatSci, and John Coulter, MechE
Engineering duo wins NSF award for scalable manufacturing of cell development devices | MORE >

Yinzhi Cao

Lehigh professor works to prevent credit card fraud
Yinzhi Cao leads team in the development of SafePay – the first anti-fraud system to use existing credit card readers | MORE >

INFORMS workshop for math teachers

FREE Workshop in Philly for HS Math Teachers
Helping high school math teachers answer this age-old question: "When will I ever use this?!"| MORE >

Edmund Webb

Research Update: Edmund Webb, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. Webb wins NSF award to model the assembly of suspensions of nanoparticles | MORE >

Nelson Tansu

Research Update: Nelson Tansu, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Professor Tansu wins NSF award for a new class of semiconductors for solid state lighting | MORE >

Jedlicka and Jellison

Two disciplines, one focus: Crypto doesn't stand a chance
Environmental engineering and material science professors team up to improve the monitoring of water quality. | MORE >

Dan M. Frangopol

Professor receives lifetime achievement award
CEE's Dan M. Frangopol received 'Outstanding Projects and Leaders (OPAL)' award for lifetime achievement in civil engineering education from the ASCE. | MORE >

College Rankings

Engineering undergrad program ranks among nation's best
U.S. News & World Report ranks Lehigh 41st among institutions across the USA offering undergraduate majors. | MORE >

Martin Takáč

A holistic interest in algorithms
ISE assistant professor Martin Takáč develops theories behind the algorithms that solve problems with countless variables. | MORE >

Data X @ Lehigh

Lehigh launches Data X
New initiative will expand Lehigh's capacities for teaching, research and learning in computer and data science. | MORE >

John Coulter

Coulter named RCEAS interim dean
John Coulter, associate dean of engineering research and graduate studies, will begin his new role July 1. | MORE >

Ray Pearson

Ray Pearson named RCEAS interim Associate Dean
The Center for Polymer Science and Engineering has been named interim Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research. | MORE >

TechConnect 2015

Innovative success at TechConnect 2015
Two Lehigh engineering professors were recipients of National Innovation Awards at TechConnect 2015 in Washington, D.C. | MORE >

Joseph Goldstein

Remembering Joseph I. Goldstein
Former Lehigh University vice president, materials science professor and founder of annual Microscopy School passed away at 76. | MORE >

Soliman and Frangopol

Number one across the disciplines
Lehigh researcher Mohamed Soliman '15 Ph.D. and CEE professor Dan M. Frangopol win one of engineering's top prizes. | MORE >

Bryan Berger

A fungal fix for drug insolubility
Researcher and P.C. Rossin assistant professor Bryan Berger's proposal also includes genetic engineering and a pH switch. | MORE >

Himanshu Jain

Crossing a critical threshold
Lehigh professors Himanshu Jain and Volkmar Dierolf lead global team a step closer to the dream of all-optical data transmission. | MORE >

Spencer Quiel

Lighting the way for structural resistance to fire
Civil and environmental assistant professor Spencer Quiel helps shape emerging field within structural engineering. | MORE >

Brandon Krick

The complexity of dinosaur teeth
Lehigh assistant professor Brandon Krick and a team of scientists showing dinosaurs might have been more complex than we thought. | MORE >

Frank and Wei Zhang

Deconstructing the bloot clot
Lehigh Ph.D. students Wei Zhang, Yan Xu and assistant professor Frank Zhang uncover critical interaction involving process which facilitates clotting and prevents unchecked bleeding. | MORE >

John Coulter

Nonfriction literature
National Science Foundation supports joint Lehigh University-DuPont research into tribology -- industry's hidden profit killer. | MORE >

Milind Jagota & Nelson Tansu

Bethlehem HS student, ECE professor author nano study
Milind Jagota, Nelson Tansu pen study, Conductivity of Nanowire Arrays under Random and Ordered Orientation Configurations. | MORE >

Jeetain Mittal

ChBE professor wins DOE research award
Assistant professor Jeetain Mittal receives Early Career Research award from the Department of Energy. | MORE >

Lehigh ISWC 2015

Lehigh to host 2015 ISWC
The leading international conference for research on Semantic Web topics is coming to the Lehigh Valley this fall. | MORE >

McHugh and Schiesser

An interconnected, dynamic phenomenon
A new book by ChBE professors Anthony McHugh and William Schiesser tracks and projects global carbon dioxide distribution and its effects. | MORE >


Scratching the surface
MechE professor Joachim Grenestedt and DynAccess monoski gives top US racers the edge vs. global competition. | MORE >

Israel Wachs

Advancing the understanding of catalytic reactions
Researchers from Lehigh and SIT see new opportunities for converting natural gas into liquid fuels and chemical feedstocks. | MORE >

Javier Buceta

Cellular reception
New Lehigh Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering professor Javier Buceta brings life to statistical mechanics -- and vice versa. | MORE >

Rossin Fellows

Honoring the legacy of Peter C. Rossin '48
The engineering college honors its benefactor, and its students’ versatility. | MORE >

Martin Harmer

Ceramics researcher receives major recognition
Professor Martin Harmer named Distinguished Life member by American Ceramics Society. | MORE >

Shalinee Kishore

From ocean waves to clean energy
A team of Lehigh faculty members and researchers believe the ocean's waves could provide a uniquely steady source of clean and renewable energy. | MORE >

2015 NSF CAREER Awards

Serious recognition from NSF
Professors Arindam Banerjee, Bryan Berger, Nader Motee earn prestigious awards from National Science Foundation. | MORE >

Justin Jaworski

Birds of a feather...
Mechanical engineering associate professor Justin Jaworski explores the aerodynamics of flocking together. | MORE >

A future in STEM
"Imagine Your STEM Future Day," a full-day event at Lehigh University, immersed over 250 young women in a college STEM experience. | MORE >

Frangopol named VP of Engineering Mechanics Institute
Lehigh CEE professor elected vice president of the Engineering Mechanics Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers. | MORE >

Lehigh professor speeding up epilepsy drug search
Yevgeny Berdichevsky looks to improve disvoery process thanks to grant from the National Institutes of Health. | MORE >

Skier earns X Games gold with monoski developed at Lehigh
Chris Devlin-Young becomes oldest athete ever to win at X Games thanks in part to a device developed on campus. | MORE >

Innovative excellence through new NSF program
Lehigh impresses in Innovation Corps program that trains researchers to commercialize their inventions. | MORE >

CSE professor part of team receiving NSF grant
Lehigh's Gang Tan and collaborators awarded four-year, $1.2 million grant for automated software security development. | MORE >