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Polymer science that protects
U.S. troops

Alyssa Littlestone, '09 '10G, a member of the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC) Carderock Division of engineers. She recently helped to conduct testing to fine tune polymers used in combat helmets that could provide added protection against traumatic brain injury.

"To protect the thorax and other organs particularly susceptible to blast injuries, the lungs for example, we're fabricating low-weight, low-cost blast barriers for use in building, structures and vehicles," Alyssa said. "Considerable success has been achieved in accomplishing this goal by filtering out injurious frequencies considered to be detrimental to soldiers in combat. Increased protective capabilities won't be fielded overnight, but more testing is in the immediate pipeline, giving the Navy valuable data so we can acquire the best products to safeguard our men and women on the front lines." See the video from NWSC's Web site for more on Alyssa's work in this area.

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