State visit

In September, Lehigh entrepreneurs Rick Arlow and Zach Bloom, both of the Class of 2009, were invited to the White House to meet President Barack Obama as part of an announcement of The American Jobs Act. Arlow and Bloom are the innovators behind Lifeserve Innovations, which develops medical devices that help open a patient's airways in emergency situations. With the firm's products, patients receive noninvasive procedures to open their airways that take only 60 seconds to perform, compared to the traditional 10- to 15-minute surgical procedure. LifeServe Innovations is now a sponsor of Lehigh student projects, and Bloom currently serves as Lehigh's entrepreneur-in-residence.

Rick Arlow and Zach Bloom

In late 2011, Zach Bloom and Rick Arlow, Class of 2009, visited the White House as representatives of American entrepreneurship.