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A Lehigh education, a dinner conversation, and 27 years later…

Clark Technology Systems, established by Faith '78, '87G and Ron Clark in 1987, fabricates custom-designed lubrication systems for Fortune 500 companies that include industrial manufacturers, power plants, petroleum refineries, air separation plants and more.

Today, Clark Technology Systems employs 36 people, with revenues between $10 million and $12 million per year. Faith and Ron Clark decided to incorporate in 1987 as a lean manufacturing consulting business once they realized that they could run their own manufacturing company.

Clark Technology Systems focuses mostly on large projects and partnering with companies that have the capacity to build very large systems yet need support in terms of engineering expertise. In the recent article in KeystoneEdge, Faith credits her bachelor's and master's degrees in engineering from Lehigh with preparing her for running a complex engineering management operation.

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