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For Lehigh alum, a childhood dream come true


George Kuczynski ’74 always dreamed of working in the power industry.  Kuczynski grew up around power plants, his father working at PSE&G for most of his life and Kulzynski himself working at oil-fed power plant all throughout his time at Lehigh. After graduating in 1974, Kuczynski went on to work at PPL. Within three years of working at PPL, Kuczynski had commissioned two power plants in Pennsylvania and had begun work on PPL’s first nuclear power facility in Berwick.

As Kuczynski worked his way up the ranks of PPL, there were many changes in the energy industry. One important change was that power companies could now compete nationally and globally, and with this change Kuczynski was able to help PPL’s company grow and expand. Kuczynski is a strong supporter of safe nuclear energy and is in many ways a leader in his industry.

The Electrical Engineering alum is now a director in PPL Nuclear Development.

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