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Catching up with: Alex Kamara ‘65


Alex Kamara '65, has been doing a lot since graduation.  As one of Lehigh’s first African students, Kamara achieved much.  Receiving both a Bachelor in Electrical and Mechanical Engineering while at Lehigh, prepared Kamara for his engineering career. Kamara came to Lehigh with the African Scholarship Program of the American Universities (ASPAU). In a recent interview, Kamara reflects upon his time as an international student at Lehigh in the 1960’s, saying that although he was only one of two African students at the time, it didn’t matter because they “made friends easily and [they] got along.”

After graduating Lehigh, Kamara went on to have an internship with Westinghouse Electric Corp and then a fellowship at Cincinnati Gas and Electric. Kamara has over 42 years of experience managing mine operations and managing the expansion of power plants throughout Sierra Leone and Liberia. Kamara also served as the head of the Construction, Engineering, Manufacturing, Management and Technical Services (CEMMATS), a World Bank sponsored-organization.

Read more about Kamara in the Lehigh Alumni Bulletin.

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