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Undergraduate Programs & Majors

A Lehigh engineering education is contemporary, research-driven, and designed to help students grow into tomorrow's leaders and innovators. Our cutting-edge integrated programs are purpose-built to encourage well-rounded, technically-savvy thinking from the moment students arrive on campus. This approach to educating is incorporated throughout all of Lehigh's engineering programs. Across the board, students make valuable contributions in the classroom and to the field of engineering, learning to think holistically while viewing problems from multiple perspectives.

How to Find the Area of Engineering That's Right for You

As displayed in the charts in the right margin, the landscape of engineering is often described according to academic areas that you might recognize from high school curriculum. Another way to think about engineering is to understand how society's critical challenges are addressed by various disciplines across the field, as described below. Use both of these methods to evaluate how various engineering degrees, when aligned with your academic interests and personal passions, position you for success in areas where engineers are needed most.

Five Challenge Areas of Engineering

Advanced Materials / Nanotechnology


The ability to observe and manipulate materials and devices at the atomic level allows engineers in this field to improve products used in communications, medicine, environmental mitigation and a wide range of other important applications. more >

Design / Manufacturing


Engineers in this broad area invent, design and bring to life new processes, better systems and innovative products and structures. Prototype development, manufacturing and construction processes, and systems design are important aspects of this field. more >

Environmental / Energy Engineering


Expertise in this field has never been more crucial than it is today; engineers in this area seek ways to improve the effectiveness and ecological implications of the materials and processes used to fuel the global economy. more >

Information / Communication Technology


The ability to rapidly and effectively process and communicate information is central to success in the modern world. Engineers in this field work in every sector of the economy, from manufacturing and telecommunications, to services, entertainment and finance. more >

Life Science / Biotechnology


Topics that combine engineering and the life sciences, seeking breakthroughs in all aspects of healthcare/medicine, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. more >

Undergraduate Programs and Majors

Curriculum Comparison by Academic Area

The charts below display the general academic composition of each Lehigh engineering major, in proportion to the types of courses you'd encounter in each. The types of classes you'll en- counter are classified as follows: