John Ochs directs the integrated Product Development program.

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Make no mistake—a Lehigh engineering education is as innovative and challenging as it gets. We're proud to say it's been that way for nearly 150 years. We're committed to providing our graduates with the knowledge and skills to become leaders in their fields well-rounded professionals who bring different perspectives to the table. This committment drives our curriculum and prepares students for a lifetime of professional growth.

One of the distinguishing factors about Lehigh is that all of our undergraduate degrees are interdisciplinary in nature, meaning they bridge engineering and non-engineering interests to form the basis for success. Some of our programs focus on a core area of engineering, while some are designed specifically for students interested in combining the pursuit of engineering with subjects such as business, law, medicine, the arts and other areas of science and technology.

Across its academic programs, Lehigh is committed to fostering undergraduate research. Students work side by side with faculty experts on real-world problem solving. All over campus, our undergraduates are engaged in research projects that take them much further than classroom experience alone.

Student Profile

Andrew Abraham

Andrew Abraham
Ph.D. candidate
Mechanical Engineering

Ph.D. candidate Andrew Abraham is one of a team of engineers that is developing a spacecraft that could change lunar flight and research. His advisor, Terry Hart '68, is a professor of practice in mechanical engineering and a former NASA astronaut. Their project is part of a collaboration between Lehigh and Penn State University. The two schools have formed the Lunar Lion Team to compete in the Google Lunar X Prize, which is offering $30 million to privately funded teams that can land a robot on the moon by the end of 2015. more >