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Producing Top Scholars

William BowieWilliam Bowie
Civil Engineering, B.S., 1895, Ph.D., 1922 - Bowie helped unify the triangulation system of North America and establish the American Geophysical Union, whose highest honor is named after him. He was elected to the NAS and to the French Academy of Sciences.

Kenneth R. FrenchKenneth R. French
Mechanical Engineering, B.S., 1975 - French holds an endowed professorship in finance at Dartmouth's Tuck School of Business. A member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS), he helped develop the "three factor model" that challenges traditional thinking about capital asset pricing in financial economics.

Wai-Fah ChenWai-Fah Chen
Civil Engineering, M.S., 1963 - Chen advanced the mathematical theory of plasticity in civil engineering, especially in applying limit analysis methods to geotechnical engineering. He is a member of NAE and an Academician of Academia Sinica, Taiwan's premier academic institution.

James FoleyJames Foley
Electrical Engineering, B.S., 1964 - Foley coauthored the text Fundamentals of Interactive Computer Graphics, perhaps the most authoritative work in the field. The founder of Georgia Tech's Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center, Foley is also CEO of MEITCA and an NAE member.

John HutchinsonJohn Hutchinson
Engineering Mechanics, B.S., 1960 - One of the youngest professors ever to receive an endowed chair at Harvard, and a member of NAE, NAS and AAAS, Hutchinson is internationally recognized for contributions to solid and structural mechanics and the mechanics of materials.

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