Kenner, Jeffrey

Jeffrey Kenner is president of Kenner & Company, a New York-based private investment firm. Following his 1965 graduation from Lehigh University with degrees in industrial engineering and business administration, Kenner served in the U.S. Marine Corps and took part in Harvard Business School's executive education program in financial management.

Kenner began his career as a management consultant with Price Waterhouse & Co. In 1979, he left Price Waterhouse to join and eventually become president of a Wall Street firm active in leveraged buyouts and venture capital. In 1986, he formed his own firm, Kenner & Company, Inc., which specializes in leveraged buyouts and recapitalization of closely-held companies. He is also a trustee of Reed College in Oregon, where his daughter Julie studied.

In addition to his involvement with Reed, Kenner serves on the board of directors for Behr Process Corporation, BSI Holdings, Williamhouse-Regency, and Pace Industries. He was chairman of the Review and Prioritization Board of Lehigh's Iaccoca Institute and served on the board of trustees from 1995-2002. While a trustee, he served on the cultural affairs, development, and physical planning and plant committees.

Along with his commitment of scholarship support for undergraduates, Kenner provided funding for the Kenner Theatre in the Ulrich Student Center and a classroom in the Rauch Business Center at Lehigh University. He also provided funding for the entrance road to campus and initial program endowment for the Integrated Business and Engineering undergraduate program, for which he has been a frequent lecturer. Kenner endowed the Trustee Lecture Series on Religious Tolerance and has been a longtime member of Lehigh's Asa Packer and Tower Societies.

Kenner and his wife Patti reside in New York City.

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Degree: BS industrial engineering

Graduation: 1965

Notable Achievement: President of Kenner & Company private investment firm