Funk, Nevin E.

Nevin Elwell Funk earned his degree in electrical engineering from Lehigh University in 1905. While at school, he was involved with his fraternity and the electrical engineering society, and participated on the freshman and sophomore football teams.

He went on to an esteemed career, which garnered honors such as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Medal (1952), and the 1953 Engineer of the Year from Engineer's Week. Funk served as the Lehigh University Alumni Association board president in 1943-1945. He passed away in 1973.

Funk and his wife Mary provided generously to Lehigh University, and established the Nevin E. and Mary S. M. Funk Endowment Fund.

Nevin Elwell Funk

Birth: November 4, 1883

Birthplace: Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Died: April, 1973

Degree: B.S. electrical engineering

Graduation: 1905

Notable Achievement: Former Alumni Association Board President