David Johnson's Home Page

David Johnson's Home Page

To contact me, send e-mail to david.johnson@Lehigh.EDU.

David L. Johnson
Christmas-Saucon #241 14 E. Packer Avenue
Department of Mathematics
Lehigh University
Bethlehem, PA 18015-3174

Telephone: (610) 758-3759 (office)

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  • Research: My research intersests center around differential geometry, with excursions into complex geometry and geometric measure theory. For my CV and other information, follow: Research interests.
  • Lehigh University Geometry/Topology Conference

    Check here for information on the next Lehigh University Geometry and Topology Conference, which will be held in June of 2012.

    To find out more, check: Lehigh Geometry/Topology Conference

  • Car

    My daughter moved away, and I am selling her car for her. It is a 2013 Mazda 2 Sport. The car is in excellent condition, with only 24,500 miles. The car is bright green, with black interior, and all the usual features: automatic transmission, air, AM/FM/CD and usb connection, power windows, steering, brakes. It was recently inspected (We transferred it to my name, so it has brand new PA plates, title, and inspection).

    $7500 OBO.

    Here are some Pictures.

    Other Interests

    For more where this strip came from, check out The Dilbert Zone.

  • Linux This is a unix-type operating system for, now, most computers. There was a time it ran only on "PC's", but now there are versions for almost any computer, including most smartphones. I've been using linux, instead of dos and/or windows on my home computers since June, 1992, so I could run X windows like in our computer lab. It also ran TeX much more easily than a PC did at that time. This system has been developed essentially on the internet, and is supported by the loose collection of people who use it.

    There was a time when linux users were fairly rare, so they started a listing of "official" users. I am user # 315. For more, see Linux Counter. . It now has 120,000 users, but that is a vast understatement these days.

  • LyX Lyx is a word-processor which uses LaTeX as its typesetting engine, for Xwindows, Windows, and MacOS, and is very nicely done. I used to have my own Web page for this, but it is so badly out of date that I dropped it. I haven't been involved in the testing or development of LyX in years. Now, I am just another satisfied user. In my opinion it is much quicker to write mathematics when you can see what you write, rather than just the TeX code. Try it, I believe you will like it.

  • Cycling When I was in college, I became rather an avid cyclist. I raced, both road races and track, from '71 to '74 (maybe '75, my memory is fading...). In the 1990's I got back on the bike, and plan "Real soon now" to devote a Web page to my exploits, past, present, and imaginary, and to provide some interesting links. I am currently a member of two cycling clubs (if I manage to keep my dues paid), The Lehigh Wheelmen and the Central Bucks Bicycle Club>. I'm actually still considered part of yet another club, Lo Rat Penat, whom I rode with while I was on sabbatical in Spain. They were very nice to let me ride with them, even though I couldn't speak much Spanish, or Valencian, and after they got in shape I couldn't keep up with them, either. I was President of BCP for 4 years when I was living closer to Philadelphia, as well.

    Personal Stuff

    A page of information about me, including my vita, stuff I've been told not to put on my vita, and maybe another picture. Ecce Homo

    My mother always told me there were three things I should never discuss, Sex, Religion, or Politics. I used to wonder what she expected me to talk about. Of course, I will listen to my mother's advice about sex, for a number of reasons. I will, however, work on the other two.

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