Support Services for Students with Disabilities

Temporary Injuries

Accidents happen and when they do, here are some helpful tips to get you through this challenging time.

Although the Office of Academic Support Services for Students with Disabilities works primarily with students with permanent disabilities and chronic medical conditions, our office also serves students with a wide variety of temporary injuries due to accident, illness, hospitalization/surgery, or other situations which are not considered disabling under ADA.  However, students with temporary injuries are often in need of academic support similar to those provided to students with disabilities to maintain their academic program with minimal interruptions.

Students who are requesting additional support must submit medical documentation in order to be considered for any academic accommodations. In addition, students who anticipate being away from campus because of a scheduled surgery or hospitalization may find it helpful to register with the Associate Dean of Students Office in order to prepare for potential assistance which may be needed upon their return to campus.

How to register for assistance

If you have a temporary injury and need support services, please call Academic Support Services at 610-758-4152 to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. All students are required to have appropriate documentation from their physician on file.  All students with temporary injuries are encouraged to check-in with the Health Center, if they have not already done so. Students should also notify their advisors and/or professors of their situation as soon as possible.  

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