Support Services for Students with Disabilities


Responsibilities of Disability Support Services (DSS)

  1. To review student documentation to determine appropriate accommodations.
  2. To work with faculty regarding the provision of accommodations to students.
  3. To provide individual assistance to students on a limited basis, and/or refer students to other appropriate services.
  4. To work with faculty and staff to ensure “meaningful access” for students with disabilities.
  5. To educate the Lehigh community on Universal Design and equal access.

Responsibilities of the Student

  1. To provide the appropriate documentation as indicated in the Guidelines for Documentation.  The materials must be submitted in a timely manner in order for the Documentation Review Committee to review the materials and coordinate any accommodations.
  2. To provide faculty with at least seven (7) days notification prior to the need for accommodations. This notification will be presented to students once their documentation has been approved.

Responsibilities of the Faculty

  1. To work with the Office of Academic Support Services for Students with Disabilities to ensure that students are receiving the appropriate accommodations.
  2. To provide students with the appropriate referral information regarding academic accommodations for students with documented disabilities.