Support Services for Students with Disabilities

Peer Mentor Program

Lehigh University students initiated the Peer Mentor Program in fall semester 1998 to assist first-year students with the transition from high school to a competitive university. The Peer Mentors are composed of upper class students who have a diagnosed learning disability or attention deficit disorder. Each mentor has demonstrated leadership capability and has been academically successful at Lehigh University.

First-year students are matched with a peer mentor by college and/or major. The rationale for matching students in this manner is because upper class students of the same major and/or college have most likely taken the same courses, the same professors, and have experienced the same challenges as the freshman with whom they have been matched. The first-year students who have participated in the Peer Mentor program and who have worked with the Office of Academic Support Services have traditionally performed significantly better than students who have not participated in support services.

Program participation is voluntary and students may choose to withdraw from the program at any time. The following group activities are planned for the first-year students: