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Study Skills Workshops

The Center conducts study skills workshops for residence halls, fraternities and sororities, classes, athletic teams, clubs and organizations. Workshops can be conducted here in the Center, however, the majority of our study skills workshops are conducted off-site. We will come to you! Workshops typically last between 30 and 45 minutes.

TO REQUEST A WORKSHOP: If interested in any of the following study skills workshops for your student group, please complete our study skills workshop request web form. Questions or concerns can be sent via email to the Center at

Workshop Offerings

Note Taking & Textbook Reading Skills
This workshop focuses on getting the most out of lectures and textbooks through effective not-taking and reading strategies.

Time Management & Effective Study Skills
This workshop introduces strategies to assist with time management and organization and offers several effective study habits.

Test Preparation, Test Taking & Test Anxiety
This workshop addresses how to approach studying for major tests, the most effective strategies for test taking, and how to handle stress in testing situations.

Introduction to Learning Styles
This workshop explains the various ways in which students learn and the study strategies that will work best for each learner.

Memory & Concentration
This workshop provides tips on how to employ effective memorization strategies and how to best focus on academic work.

Goal Setting & Motivation
This workshop provides information on ways to enhance learning through the setting of goals as well as methods to increase motivation for success.

Stress Management & Test Anxiety
This workshops provides tips on how to manage stress in academic situations and how to prevent becoming overwhelmed by college life.

Academic Mentor Training
This workshop will assist organizations in the design of academic mentoring pairs or teams in order to promote academic growth among members.

Forming Study Groups
This workshop aims to help students form effective peer study groups and includes suggestions for group study activities and setting group ground rules.

Finals Preparation
This workshop addresses how to prepare for finals and includes several strategies for managing your time during this stressful week!