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What is group tutoring?

A tutoring group typically consists of 6-8 students and meets once a week for 2 hrs. Students are assigned to a group and will meet with the same group in a set location determined by the Center for the duration of the semester. Groups are led by student tutors who possess excellent interpersonal skills and have demonstrated a strong commitment to assisting students academically. Students in a tutoring group benefit not only from a knowledgeable and experienced tutor but also from the opportunity for discussion and collaboration with their peers in the group. Tutoring is not for students looking for a last-minutes study session or to cramming for a test, or finishing homework.

Courses With Group Tutoring For Fall 2013

courses for fall 2013 coming soon!

Request a tutor

Requesting a tutor is easy! Simply complete our new web-based tutor request form.

Upon receipt of your request, the Center will send an email to your Lehigh email account in an effort to arrange your group assignment. You will be asked to visit a website at which you will select the group that works best for you. Note: The Center has limited group options available. You may need to alter your schedule in order to commit to one of our available groups.

If you have any questions or concerns throughout this process or after you have received your group assignment, please contact us so that we can assist you!

Your Commitment to group tutoring

By requesting a tutoring group you are making a commitment to attend your group on a weekly basis and to communicate with your tutor regularly. Failure to do so may result in your removal from the group so that we can place another student into the group. If at any point you no longer wish to participate in group tutoring, please let us know via email.

Tips for Students: successful Group Tutoring

  1. Be motivated! This means that you should be attending class regularly, keeping up with the reading and homework, and doing work for the class outside of your tutoring session. If you aren't willing to put forth the effort to do well in the class, there's little that a tutor can do to help you.

  2. Tutoring is a semester-long commitment, so use it consistently. Studies show that regular weekly tutoring is most effective, and we ask that you to attend your group tutoring session on a regular weekly basis! You should not plan to use tutoring to catch up and "cram" for an exam or for last minute help on an assignment.

  3. Prepare for your tutoring session. Go to class, review your notes, do the homework, jot down a question or two about the material; the more you've done before your tutoring session, the more productive it will be.

  4. Communicate with your tutoring group. Share your expectations and work with your tutor to set some ground rules for your group sessions. Be open to working with others in the group and take advantage of the opportunity to learn from your peers. Give feedback and make suggestions when appropriate.

  5. Be patient and flexible. Try to be tolerant of others' needs and recognize that other students in the group have their own concerns and questions. If you already know the answer to a question, volunteer to explain it to the group!

  6. Be an active learner. Don't just sit and listen during your tutoring sessions! Ask questions, do sample problems, go up to the board, draw diagrams and explain course concepts in your own words.

  7. Seek help from your professors and TAs. They are the BEST resources when you are having trouble in a course and they are here to help you!

We want your participation in our tutoring program to be a positive experience. If your tutoring assignment is not working out or if you have questions or concerns about your assignment, please contact us at so that we can assist you! Best of luck this semester!