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Courses with Tutoring

The Center offers tutoring in select introductory and 100-level courses in Physics, Chemistry, Math, Accounting, Economics, Engineering, and Finance. Tutoring is frequently offered in the following courses:

ACCT 151 Intro to Financial Acct
ACCT 152 Intro to Managerial Acct

BIOS 41 Bio Core I: Cellular&Molecular (spring)
BIOS 115 Bio Core II: Genetics (fall)


CHM 30 Intro to Chem Principles
CHM 31 Chem Equil in Aqueous Sys
CHM 40/41 Concepts, Models & Experiments I & II
CHM 110/112 Organic Chem I & II

CSE 002 Fundamentals of Programming
CSE 17 Structured Prog & Data Structures
CSE 109 Systems Software

ECO 001 Principles of Economics
ECO 29 Money & Banking
ECO 45 Statistical Methods
ECO 146 Applied Micro


CHE 31 Mat & Energy Bal Che Proc
CHE 44 Fluid Mechanics
ECE 33 Intro to Computer Engr
ECE 83 Intro to Electrical Engineering
MAT 33 Eng. Materials & Processes
MECH 003 Fund. of Engineering Mechanics
MECH 12 Strength of Materials
MECH 102 Dynamics
ME 104 Thermodynamics

FIN 125 Intro to Finance

MATH 12 Basic Statistics
MATH 21 Calculus I
MATH 22 Calculus II
MATH 23 Calculus III
MATH 51/52 Survey of Calculus I & II
MATH 81 Calculus w/Business Applications

PHY 11 Intro Physics I
PHY 10/13 General Physics I & II
PHY 21 Intro Physics II

Foreign Languages
Please direct tutoring requests in any Modern Foreign Language to the Center via email at

What to do if we don't have a tutor!