Lehigh students, faculty, staff, organizations and departments can all have pages on the Lehigh web server www.lehigh.edu. The materials below provide guidance, training and documentation in creating, mounting, editing and elaborating pages on the Lehigh Web Server.

Personal and organizational web pages live on the on-campus web server, www.lehigh.edu, in what is called the AFS space belonging to personal and organizational Lehigh accounts. Some departmental pages also live there.

Before you begin creating a web page, you will have to run W3Setup from the Account page. W3setup creates a web directory, http://www.lehigh.edu/~userid/ and a starter page, http://www.lehigh.edu/~userid/userid.html

You can edit pages with Blue Griffon, or HTML or text editors, and upload them using a Secure File Transfer program (SSH is the recommended Secure File Transfer).

Getting Started


Images and Design


Mechanics & Tools: Editing documents for the Web

More Advanced Topics

Special Purpose pages

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