Intermediate Dreamweaver

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Editing Settings

Turning off URL rewriting

By default, Dreamweaver will change tildes (~) and other special characters in URLs into their special character codes, so that ~ becomes %7E and a blank space becomes %20.

However, this is often awkward and unnecessary (as long as you don't use spaces in file names, which you should avoid anyway!). To turn this feature off:

  1. From the Edit menu, choose Preferences.
  2. In the Preferences box, click on "Code Rewriting" on the left hand side.
  3. In URL Encoding, choose "Do not encode Special Characters"
  4. Click OK.

Add additional browsers to preview with:

From the File menu, choose Preview in Browser, then Edit Browser List Menu: Preview in Browser, edit browser list

In the preferences window, click on the + sign next to browsers to bring up the Add Browser window

Preferences/Add Browser window

Type in the Name of the browser in the Name field, then click on Browse and use the Select Browser window to find the executable program for the browser you want, and select it.

If you want this browser to be considered a first choice, click 'Primary Browser'.

Then click OK in the Add window and OK in Preferences.

Adding Fonts

You can choose to specify a specific font or set of fonts (we suggest a set of fonts, so that if the viewer does not have a specific font on his machine, he will get an alternative), by selecting the text and choosing the font or font set from the drop-down menu marked 'Default Font' in the Properties Window. [setting font]

(To add a new set of fonts, choose 'Edit Font list' from the Font drop down menu, then select and add fonts to a font list. Click 'OK' when you have completed the set, and it will be added to the drop-down menu.) [editing font list]

February 10, 2004