Intermediate Dreamweaver

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Automating Tasks

The History Window, which records the tasks you've done on any particular document, will let you select a series of tasks to repeat. To view the history window, from the Window Menu, Choose Other Tasks, then History.


You can use the History function to repeat a series of tasks that you performed in another part of the document. Simply select the tasks in the history list, use the position the cursor where you want the tasks done in the document, make any selection in the document necessary for the actions to take effect, and click the Replay button in the History window:

To take a series of tasks and turn them into an automated task, select the items and click on the Save icon in the History window.

Enter a name for the command and click OK. When you want to use the automated task, choose the task name from the command window.

History only saves a certain number of tasks. To make that number larger, go to Preferences in the Edit menu and put a larger number in the box marked "Maximum Number of History Steps".

February 10, 2004