Intermediate Dreamweaver

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More colors

More colors are available than just the ones in the small drop-down color palette. To see them, click on the colorwheel icon in the palette colorwheel icon to see the color picker application: you can add new colors to the palette by selecting them and adding them as Custom Colors.

There are also separate palettes you can use. To make those palettes available, click on the right-arrow icon in the right corner of the color palette:Color Palettes menu and choose a new palette. Both Color Cubes and Continuous Tone are Websafe and should look right on most

You can also copy the color from something else on the page. When you open the color palette, the cursor becomes an 'eyedropper' shape. If you click on something on your screen, it will copy the color on the screen. (The colors you get this way may not be web-safe.)

Websafe color schemes: you can also choose a websafe color scheme for your document from a set of predefined colors. From the Commands window, choose Set Color Scheme. In the window that comes up Set Color Scheme window, pick a background color and then a text and link color. You will see an example in the picture on the left. When you find a color combination you like, click OK.

Using Color Names and RGB color numbers

Colors in web pages are actually expressed in terms of RGB color numbers (the 6 figure number prefixed by a #). RGB gives values in two-digit hexadecimal for how much red, green and blue tint to use. So, you can exactly duplicate a color from one color box to another by copying the RGB color number from one box and pasting it in to the color box for the other. There are also 'short cuts'-- color names that are aliases for specific RGB color numbers. For more information about web colors, see the pages:


February 10, 2004