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Category: Engineering/Scientific

Description: ABAQUS is a general-purpose, nonlinear element analysis (FEA) program. ABAQUS is used throughout the world for stress, heat transfer, and other types of analysis in mechanical, structural, civil, biomedical, and related engineering applications. 


Category: Engineering/Scientific

Description: ADINA is a finite element analysis package. Finite element system for displacement & linear/nonlinear stress analysis. Provides capacity for analysis of 2D & 3D linear & nonlinear problems, statics & dynamics. Handles finite elements or solid, trusses, beams, pipes, plates, & gaps. 


Category: Engineering/Scientific

Description: ANSYS is a self-contained general purpose finite element analysis program. ANSYS contains many routines, all inter-related, and all for the main purpose of achieving a solution to an engineering problem by the finite element method. 



Category: Engineering/Scientific

Description: Geographic Information Systems analysis tools


Category: Office Productivity

Description: GNU Aspell is a Free and Open Source spell checker designed to eventually replace Ispell. It can either be used as a library or as an independent spell checker. Its main feature is that it does a superior job of suggesting possible replacements for a misspelled word than just about any other spell checker out there for the English language. Unlike Ispell, Aspell can also easily check documents in UTF-8 without having to use a special dictionary. Aspell will also do its best to respect the current locale setting. Other advantages over Ispell include support for using multiple dictionaries at once and intelligently handling personal dictionaries when more than one Aspell process is open at once.


Category: Engineering/Scientific

Description: COMSOL is a powerful interactive environment for modeling and solving scientific and engineering problems based on partial differential equations (PDEs). COMSOL allows you to create equation- based models through a flexible self-contained graphical user interface or from the MATLAB command line.


Category: Mathematical/Statistical

Description: CPLEX is the leading provider of large-scale mathematical programming software for optimization. CPLEX linear, mixed-integer and quadratic programming solvers are known for superior performance and reliability on large, difficult problems. 

Category: Office Productivity

Description: With EMACS you can edit several files simultaneously, open multiple windows on the same document, define keyboard macros, and undo mistakes. It automatically indents programs in languages like LISP and C.MACS is the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real- time display editor.


FLUENT including modules: FIDAP, Gambit & TGrid
Category: Engineering/Scientific

Description: FLUENT allows the engineer/designer to quickly analyze complex flow problems without requiring prior expertise in computational fluid dynamics or computer programming.   

Category: Mathematical/Statistical

Description: GAMS is a high level modeling system for mathematical and a programming problems. It consists of a language compiler and a stable of integrated high-performance solvers. GAMS is tailored for complex, large scale modeling applications. 


Category: Engineering/Scientific

Description: GAUSSIAN 2003 is connected system of programs for performing a variety of semi-empirical & AB Initio molecular orbital calculations. It is designed as a complete reference to all the program's capabilities. 


Category: Engineering/Scientific

Description: GAUSS VIEW is an advanced graphical user interface designed to be used with Gaussian to make calculations easier, quicker and more efficient. Interface features include easy calculation set up and three dimensional molecular modeling. 


Category: Programming environments

Description: IDL is an interactive data language for data analysis, visualization and rapid application development


IMSL C Numerical Library

Category:  Programming environments

Description: IMSL C NUMERICAL LIBRARY (CNL) is a comprehensive set of more than 300 prebuilt mathematical and statistical analysis functions written in C that C and C++ programmers can embed directly into their numerical analysis applications.


Category: Mathematical/Statistical

Description: The IMSL FORTRAN 90 MP LIBRARY is a new generation of fortran 90-based algorithms, which has also been optimized for multi processor and other high-performance systems. This technology also provides effective language features. 


Category: Mathematical/Statistical

Description: LINDO is a tool for solving linear, integer, & quadratic programming problems. Specific application areas include product distribution, ingredient blending, production and personnel scheduling, inventory management, etc. 


Category: Mathematical/Statistical

Description: LINGO is a mathematical modeling language that provides an environment in which you can develop, run & modify mathematical models. It is nonprocedural and can be used in production, distribution, marketing & financial planning. 


Category: Web/Publishing

Description: LINKS is a terminal web browser. In order to access files on the World-Wide Web (WWW), you need to use a Web browser. A Web browser will enable you to access files specifically written for the WWW (in HTML format) but it will also allow you to access files via anonymous ftp and gopher.


Category: Mathematical/Statistical

Description: LISREL consists of PRELIS and LISREL which can run separately or in sequence. PRELIS handles raw data and is a preprocessor for LISREL. LISREL handles the fitting and testing of models to summary statistics produced by PRELIS. 


Category: Mathematical/Statistical

Description: MAGMA is a programming language designed for investigating algebraic & combinational structures. Advances symbolic algebraic computations are feasible due to the way that the information is stored. 


Category: Mathematical/Statistical

Description: MAPLE 7 is a system for mathematical computation-symbolic, numeric and graphical. 



Category: Mathematical/Statistical

Description: MATHEMATICA handles numerical, graphical and symbolic calculations. Generates 2D/3D Plats, contour plats and color 3D pictures. Converts graphics to postscript and Adobe Illustrator file format. Has 3D viewpoint selector. 


MATLAB including Toolboxes

Category: Engineering/Scientific

Description: MATLAB is an interactive, numeric computation and visualization environment that combines hundreds of prepackaged advanced math and graphic functions with the flexibility of a high level language to customize and add new functions as needed.


Category: Mathematical/Statistical

Description: MINOS is used for solving large-scale optimization programs. It is especially effective for problems with a smooth nonlinear objective function and sparse linear constraints. 



Description: The NAG FORTRAN LIBRARY is a collection of fortran routines for the solution of numerical & statistical problems. NAG produces and distributes numerical, symbolic, statistical and visualization software for the solution of problems in a wide range of applications in such areas as science, engineering, financial analysis and research.


Category: Web/Publishing

Description: Ncar Graphics is a collection of tools for displaying/manipulating computer graphic metafiles. Includes filters to convert CGM files to & from NCAR'S encoded format, CTRANS translator for sequential frame display and frame level displaying & editing of CGMS. 


Category: Office Productivity

Description: NEDIT is a standard graphical user interface (GUI) text editor for programs and plain text files. Provides all the standard menu, dialog, editing & two button mouse support, as well as the standard keyboard shortcuts. 


Category: Office Productivity

Description: NExS is a full featured, motif compliant spreadsheet developed specifically for UNIX. It is designed to access and manipulate the formulas and data stores in NExS cells, as well as graphics. 


Category: Mathematical/Statistical

Description: NPSOL is used for solving constrained optimization problems (nonlinear programs). It employs a sense SQP algorithm and is especially effective for nonlinear problems whose functions and gradients are expensive to evaluate. 


Category: Engineering/Scientific

Description: Sysweld is simulation tool for mechanical engineering


Category: Web/Publishing

Description: teTeX is a unix TeX and LaTeX system. Note that teTeX does not contain a graphical interface for editing and processing *.tex documents. Choices in a unix environment for this is emacs.


Category: Web/Publishing

Description: xfig is an open source vector graphics editor which runs under the X Window System on most UNIX-compatible platforms.


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