How to Install and Use MailTweak to Send Customized Email in Thunderbird 3

MailTweak is a Thunderbird add-on that lets users add extra features to Thunderbird. One popular feature is customizing email messages using data in a spreadsheet.

This document explains how to:

1. Prepare a spreadsheet for customized email use.
2. Download and install the MailTweak add-on inThunderbird 3.
3. Prepare and send your custom message using the data in your spreadsheet.

Prepare the spreadsheet

You probably have a spreadsheet with names, email addresses, and perhaps other data. In this example, we'll use student names, email addresses and course information.

MailTweak requires the spreadsheet contain a header row with named columns. These names must not contain spaces. MailTweak automatically searches for the email column and uses the first one where it finds an "@" sign.

The spreadsheet must be saved as filetype CSV.

Get the add-on

Download and install the MailTweak add-on: (Follow the download instructions on that page).

You'll be asked to restart Thunderbird. When it relaunches, close the Mail Tweak pop-up box.

Click Tools > Add-ons. Select MailTweak from the list, then click the Options button.

Scroll down and place a checkmark in the box next to Personalize messages and click OK. Close the Add-ons window.

Restart Thunderbird.

Compose the message

Click Message > Personalize.

Leave the To: field blank. Fill in the Subject field and the message body. When you want to use a value from your data sheet (CSV file), surround its header name with %% (for example., %%fullname%%).

When you're ready to send the message, click the Personalize button.

You will be prompted to select your CSV file. Select your file, then click Open.

This next step is important!

When you see this prompt, choose Leave unsent.

The messages will be saved to your Unsent (or Outbox) folder in Local Mail, where you can review the messages for accuracy.

When you're satisfied with the messages and want to send them, right-click the Unsent (or Outbox) folder and click Send Unsent Messages., October 1, 2010