What to do when you change your password

For security purposes, Lehigh requires that users change their passwords every six months.  Because users often encounter login difficulties immediately after changing their passwords, review and follow these procedures to eliminate the most common causes of login failures. Sometimes it's as easy as restarting your computer. In other cases, it may be that a program is saving your old password and simply needs to know about your new one.

Review ALL of these devices or programs and take the recommended action for each one that you use:

Windows laptop computer: LTS recommends making your password change while connected to the Lehigh network.  This updates the laptop password so you can log on while off-network (e.g. at home or while traveling).  After you change your password, you MUST restart your laptop and login with the new password to avoid being locked out of your account.

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Windows desktop PC: If your computer is in the Active Directory (and it probably is if you are faculty or staff), you MUST restart your computer and login with the new password to avoid being locked out of your account.

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Windows wireless: To reconnect to wireless, you must first clear the old saved password so you can be prompted for the new one. To do this:

1. Right-click this link and choose "Save Link as.." (Mozilla users) or "Save Target as..." (IE users)
2. Save the file to your Desktop.
3. Go to your Desktop and double-click the file to run it.
4. Answer Yes when asked if you're sure you want to add the information to the registry.
5. Click OK when it's finished.

The next time you connect wirelessly, you will see a prompt to "select a certificate...". Click the prompt, then enter your User ID and new password, and click OK (leave the Logon domain field blank). Once your login is authenticated, your system will connect to the wireless network.

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Email: If you suddenly receive a "login failed" message when accessing your email, this usually means your email program is saving the password for you. After changing your password, you must stop your email program from saving the old password so that you can enter the new one. Instructions for discontinuing password-saving in commonly used email programs are listed below:

Mozilla Suite 1.x: http://www.lehigh.edu/computing/docs/mozilla/seminar.html#Password

Mozilla Thunderbird 1.0.x: http://www.lehigh.edu/computing/docs/thunderbird/thunderbirdmail.shtml#Password

Mozilla Thunderbird 1.5.x: http://www.lehigh.edu/computing/docs/thunderbird15/thunderbirdmail.shtml#Password

Mozilla Thunderbird 2.0: http://www.lehigh.edu/computing/docs/thunderbird20/thunderbirdmail.htm#Password

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Web-based programs, like Portal or Blackboard: Web browsers sometimes ask you if you want to save a password to make logging in the next time faster (Mozilla asks you by default). If you have password-saving enabled for a web-based program using a Lehigh password, follow the instructions below to remove the old password so that you'll be prompted again to enter the new one.

Mozilla Suite: http://www.lehigh.edu/computing/docs/mozilla/seminar.html#Password

Mozilla Firefox: http://www.lehigh.edu/computing/docs/firefox/seminar.html#Password

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PDA email program, such as Snappermail or Versamail. Like email programs and browsers, PDA programs that access Lehigh mail can save passwords for you. Follow these instructions to change the password if you use one of these PDA email programs:

Snappermail: http://www.lehigh.edu/lts/comp/docs/pda/pdafaq/index.shtml#pwsm

Versamail: http://www.lehigh.edu/lts/comp/docs/pda/pdafaq/index.shtml#pwvm

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Oracle Calendar: If you sign onto Oracle Calendar and receive a prompt to enter an off-line agenda password, see Steps 1 or 2 of the Oracle Calendar Common Problems web page

Note: If you synchronize a PDA to Oracle Calendar and it fails to sync after you've changed your password, follow these instructions to resolve the problem.

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VPN : The login dialog box for a VPN connection includes a checkbox to "Save this user name and password" Even if you've chosen this option, you can enter your new password by clicking into the field that reads "To change the saved password, click here." and entering your new one.

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If you have questions or problems, contact the Help Desk at 8HELP (84357) or your computing consultant.

Last updated: Monday, 29-Dec-2008 11:50:28 EST