Manually Configuring Windows Vista
to Access the Lehigh VPN


  1. Hit the Windows button, and then click "Connect To".
  2. In the "Connect to a Network" window, click on the "Set up a connection or network" link (lower left-hand corner of the window).
  3. Under "Choose a connection option" select "Connect to a Workplace"
  4. Then select "Create a New Connection"
  5. When asked "How do you want to connect?" select "Use my Internet Connection"
  6. Under "Type the Internet address to connect to" enter "" (without the quotes) under "Internet Address"
  7. Call the "Destination" something like "Lehigh VPN"
  8. In the next window, enter your Lehigh username and password (leave the Domain box blank)
  9. Click "Connect" and the VPN connection will be added to your "Connect To" list, and activated.

6/10/09 - dab406