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Undergraduate Research

Jennifer Colquhoun ('12), shares her research-intensive experience in the lab of Assistant Professor Amy Hitchcock Camp.
Undergraduate researcher, Emily Becker ('11), talks about her experiences working as part of a research team in the Itzkowitz Lab.
Goldwater Scholarship recipient, Amanda Dilger ('10), shares her experience as an undergraduate researcher in the lab of Professor Linda Lowe-Krentz.
Sarah Garhart ('10) describes her experience working in a lab environment (Iovine Lab) and shares how she is able to put her academic learnings to practical use in the lab.
Walter Joseph ('10) talks about how he came to do research in the Lowe-Krentz Lab and how this experience has helpd him in his quest of being accepted into medical school.

Graduate Research

Joseph Leese, Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Biological Sciences, talks about his experience as a graduate student (Itzkowitz Lab).

Faculty Research

David Cundall, Ph.D.
Functional Morphology
Murray Itzkowitz, Ph.D.
Behavioral Ecology
Murray Itzkowitz, Ph.D.
Behavioral Ecology



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