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Proteomics Research

The Proteomics Facility is managed by our lab manager, Lee Graham. If you would like further information about the facility and how it might enhance your research, please contact Mr. Graham at 610-758-5683.

User fees apply for instrumentation use and technical support. Departmental Liaison memberships as available, which includes a reduced fee schedule. Please contact our Business Manager, Maria Brace, for more information.

PF2D Two-dimensional protein fractionation

The Beckman PF2D Proteomelab is a two-dimensional protein fractionation system that gives high resolution analysis of complex protein mixtures.

  • Proteins separation by pI (chromatofocusing in the first dimension) followed by further fractionation employing a hydrophobicity column (reverse-phase chromatography in the second dimension)
  • Use the second dimension liquid fractions immediately (i.e., for mass
  • spectrometry) or store at -80°C for later analysis.
  • High loading capacity (up to 5mg protein) without band distortion
  • improved detection of low-abundance species
  • improved detection of membrane proteins as well as low molecular weight proteins
  • high resolution capability
  • high reproducibility
  • comparison of differential protein expression using ProteoVue and DeltaVue software



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