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Major Instrumentation

The Department of Biological Sciences is committed to the purchase and maintenance of state of the art equipment which facilitates ongoing research. Major equipment that can be found in the shared areas is listed here, and is in addition to the equipment that furnishes individual researchers’ labs. Training for use of all common equipment may be arranged with the Lee Graham, the department's lab manager, 610-758-5683.



Tabletop: 3 Sorvall Tabletop Legend RT
Eppendorf 5810
Floor Models: 2 Sorvall RC5Bs and 1 RC5B-plus
1 Beckman J2-21M
Ultras: 1 Beckman L765
1 Beckman L8-55M
1 Beckman L90K

NanoDrop ND 1000
Beckman DU 800
3 Beckman DU 64
1 Beckman DU650
2 Milton Roy Spectronic 20D
3 Perkin Elmer Lambda XLS+

Other Research Instrumentation available
  Fluoroskan Ascent FL fluorometer and luminometer
Amplitronyx 6 gradient thermo cycler
2 Perkin Elmer thermal cyclers
1 Hybaid Omni Gene thermal cycler
Fotodyne gel imaging system
Probe sonicator
Pharmacia LKB Ultroscan XL laser densitometer
Amersham Storm 840 Phosphorimager with blue excitation fluorescent capabilities
2 Beckman LS6500 scintillation counters
1 Beckman 5500 gamma counter
Leica Microtome SM 2000R
Bright OTF-5000 Cryostat
Labsystems Multiskan Ascent microplate reader
MMI Laser Microdissection

User fees apply for instrumentation use and technical support. Departmental Liaison memberships as available, which includes a reduced fee schedule. Please contact our Business Manager, Maria Brace, for more information.


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