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Colloquium Series

Spring 2015 schedule

*All seminars will be held in the Iacocca, room B23, unless otherwise noted*

January 20, 2015 Richard Jay Smeyne, Ph.D.
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital
Experimental Parkinson's Disease: from infection to neuroprotection
January 27, 2015 Alex Strongin, Ph.D.
Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute
From peripheral pain to host-pathogen interactions
February 5, 2015 Michael Halassa, Ph.D.
New York University
State-dependent architecture of thalamic reticular subnetworks
February 11, 2015
Packard Lab #101
4:00 p.m.
Martin Chalfie, Ph.D.
Columbia University
HHMI Visiting Scholar
GFP: Lighting up life
February 12, 2015
Whitaker, Room #303
Martin Chalfie, Ph.D.
Columbia University
HHMI Visiting Scholar
Mechanosensory transduction and its modifcation in C. elegans
February 19, 2015 Timothy Jegla, Ph.D.
Penn State University
Sea anemones, comb jellies and the evolution of neuronal excitability
February 24, 2015 Greg Dressler, Ph.D.
University of Michigan Medical School
Cell lineage specification and epigenetic pathways in development
February 26, 2015 Hugo Ceron Anaya, Ph.D.
Lehigh University
Department of Sociology & Anthropology
March 5, 2015    
March 17, 2015 Jiujiu Yu, Ph.D.
Harvard University
Mitochondrial damage: a link between inflammasome activation and imflammatory responses
March 19, 2015 Nancy Wayne, Ph.D.
Development and interactions of complex neural circuitries controlling sex, arousal and feeding
MONDAY, 12:10pm
March 23, 2015
Hye Young Lee, Ph.D.
University of California, San Francisco
The contribution of Kv4.2 potassium channel dysregulation to the behavioral phenotypes of a mouse model of FXS
April 2, 2015 Noah Benton
Ph.D. Candidate
Thorne Fellow
April 9, 2015 Thomas Gould, Ph.D.
Temple University
Nicotine effects on the neurobiology of learning and it's role in addiction
April 23, 2015 Joseph Stains, Ph.D.
University of Maryland School of Medicine
Cell-to-cell communication: Connexin43 as a docking platform for integrating bone cell signaling
April 30, 2015 Jeffrey Sands, Ph.D.
Lehigh University



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