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Professor Yong Gyu Choi, IMI-NFG Sabbatical Faculty (currently on leave from Korea Aerospace University, South Korea)
Professor Himanshu Jain, Materials Science and Engineering, Lehigh University


"Non-Crystalline Chalcogenides" by Mihai A. Popescu
Published by Kluwer Academic Publishers (ISBN: 1-4020-0359-5)
Useful but not necessary to purchase.

Dates and Time

Starts: January 17, 2011. Ends: March 9, 2011
Mondays and Wednesdays: 1.10-2.00 pm (Eastern Time)
Location for Lehigh University Students: Room 451 Whitaker Lab
Distance Learners: Web log-on information will be sent to all registered students prior to the first scheduled lecture.


This course will be taught during the Spring semester of 2011. It will provide a broad overview of chalcogenide glasses, which are a technologically important, high-tech sub-class of inorganic glasses that exhibit numerous unusual properties not found in common (oxide) glasses. The course will focus on distinctive characteristics (structure and properties) of chalcogenide glasses and how they lead to broad range of existing and potential applications in photonics, electronics, ionics, etc.


UG level background in glass/amorphous materials.

Main Topics

  • Fundamental aspects of chalcogenide glass: brief history, fabrication methods
  • Characteristic properties
  • Glass forming systems
  • Structure of main systems
  • Background of relevant applications such as thin film solar cells, thermoelectric devices, electrical switching devices, solid electrolytes, infrared optics, etc.
  • Photonics applications e.g. as IR transmission medium for sensors, lasers, amplifiers; nonlinear optical devices; memory; optical waveguides; photoresists; etc.
  • Electronics applications e.g. electrical memory based on phase-change; switching devices
  • Ionics applications e.g. fast ion conductors for battery and fuel cell, grayscale lithography, switching devices


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This course is being sponsored by International Materials Institute for New Functionality in Glass and offered to suitable students at no charge.

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Contact Information

Bill Heffner, Associate Director, IMI-NFG.

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