US-Japan Winter School on New Functionalities in Glass

Fukui Institute for Fundamental Chemistry, Kyoto University, Japan

January 6-17, 2008


List of Talks from US/Japan Winter School


Special Lecture: Nature-guided Nanotechnology for Chemical Tectonics

of Inorganic Materials

Kunihito Koumoto, Nagoya University, JPN

Part A : Thermalelectric Oxide Materials for Electric Power  Generation

Koumoto 0A video (42 minutes)

Part B:  Bio Inspired Materials Tectonics

Koumoto 0B video (9 minutes)         


Thermoelectric Oxide Materials: slides

Koumoto_00A : Part II (21 slides)

Bio Inspired Materials : slides

Koumoto_00B1 : Part I-1-1 (7 slides)

Koumoto_00B2 : Part I-1-2 (8 slides)

Koumoto_00B3 : Part I-2 (14 slides)


Lecture 1: Controlling Light with Nonlinear Optical Glasses and Plasmonic Glasses

Takumi Fujiwara, Tohoku University, JPN

Part A : Photonic Glass

 Fujiwara 1A video (55 minutes)                               

Part B : Plasmonics                                        

 Fujiwara 1B video (23 minutes)                   


Fujiwara_01AB all slides (36 slides)


Fujiwara_01P (4 slides) : Abstract - Order / Disorder Hybrid Structures in Photonic Glass Materials. Research Vols 11-12 (2006) pp53-6


Lecture 2: Sub Tg Relaxation in Thin Glass

Prabhat Gupta, Ohio State University, USA

Gupta Part A: Review of Phenomenology of Liquid Glass Transition and Relaxation

(includes up to Slide 16 - Sun Relaxation (SR) - Generic Features)

Gupta 2A video (56 minutes)                        

Gupta Part B:  The Enthalpy Landscape View

Gupta 2B video (60 minutes)                        

Gupta Part C:  Size Effects

Gupta 2C video (62 minutes)


Gupta_02 slides all  (52 slides)


Lecture 3: Computer simulation of glasses

Walter Kob - Universite Montpellier II, France

Kob 3A video (55 minutes)                           

Kob Part B: 

Kob 3B video (xx minutes)                           

Kob Part C: 

Kob 3C video (60 minutes)                           


Kob_03 slides all (38 slides)


Lecture 4: Proton conduction in glass and its application to fuel cell

Masayuki Nogami, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan

Part A : Proton Conduction

 Nogami 4A video (50 minutes)

Part B : Proton Conduction continued

 Nogami 4B video (22 minutes)


Nogami_04 slides (35 slides)


Lecture 5: Novel functionalities of chalcogenide glasses

Himanshu Jain - Lehigh University, USA

Part A:

 Jain 5A video (58 minutes)

Part B: continued

 Jain 5B video (47 minutes)


Jain_05 slides (51 slides)


Lecture 6:  Laser patterning of crystals in glass

Takayuki Komatsu, Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan

Part A:

 Komatsu 6A video (57 minutes)       

Part B: continued

 Komatsu 6B video (23 minutes)       


Komatsu_06AB slides all (12 slides)

Komatsu et al. published paper (7 slides)

“Patterning of Non-Linear Optical Crystals in Glass by Laser-Induced Crystallization.” J. Am Ceram. Soc., 90(3) 699-705 (2007)


Lecture 7: Glass Surfaces and Coatings for biotechnology

Carlo Pantano - Penn State University, USA

Part A:  Glass surfaces for biotechnology

Pantano 7A video (56  minutes)          Pantano_7A slides (37)   (4.2  M)

Part B: End of Lecture 1  with questions

Pantano 7B video (20  minutes)         Pantano_7AB slides(38)  (5.4  M)

Part C:  Silanization of Glass and Applications

Pantano 7C video (58  minutes) 

Part D: Thermochemical Processing Effects on Multicomponent Glass Surfaces

Pantano 7D video (23  minutes)         Pantano_7D slides (36) (0.4   M)


Lecture 8: Vacuum-ultraviolet transparency of silica glass and its relation to processes  involving mobile interstitial species.

Koichi Kajihara, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

Part A:  UV Transparency of silica glass

 Kajihara 8A video (56 minutes) 

Part B : continued

 Kajihara 8B video (17 minutes)

Part C : continued

 Kajihara 8C video (63 minutes)


Kajihara_08 slides all (39 slides)


Lecture 9: Nucleation, Growth and Transparent Glass-ceramics.

Edgar Dutra Zanotto, Federal University of Sao Carlos, Brazil

Part A: Nucleation Theory in Glass

Zanotto 9A video (50 minutes)                      Zanotto_9AB slides(32) (2.0M)

Zanotta Part B:  Testing of the Critical Nucleation Theory and questions    

Zanotto 9B video (30 minutes)          

Zanotta Part C:  Crystal Growth in Glass Forming Liquids  

Zanotto 9C video (31 minutes)                       Zanotto_9C slides(36) (3.2 M)          

Zanotta Part D:  Transparent Glass Ceramics

Zanotto 9D video (55 minutes)                      Zanotto_9D slides(61)  (5.$ M)         


Lecture 10: Engineered strengthening of glass.

Tanguy Rouxel - Université de Rennes, France

Part A :

 Rouxel 10A video (53 minutes)                    

Part B: continued

 Rouxel 10B video (36 minutes)                    

Part C: continued

Rouxel 10C video (56 minutes)         


Rouxel_10A Design slides (34 slides)

Rouxel_10B Hardness & Indentation Behavior slides (25 slides)

Rouxel_10P published paper (21 slides) : “Elastic Properties and Short-to Medium- Range Order in Glass.” J.Am Ceram. Soc.,90 (10) 3019-3039


Lecture 11: Glass dielectrics for microelectronics and energy applications.

Mike Lanagan, Penn State University

Part A: Dielectic Properties and Metamaterials

 Lanagan 11A video (40 minutes)

Part B:  Metamaterials

 Lanagan 11B video (20 minutes) 

Part C: Glass & Glass Ceramics as High Energy Materials

 Lanagan 11C video (31 minutes)


Lanagan_11AB slides all (73 slides)


Lecture 12 : Role of alkoxysilanes for the design of silica-based nanomaterials.

Kazuyuki Kuroda, Waseda University, Japan

Part A:

 Kuroda 12A video (48 minutes)

Part B: continued

 Kuroda 12B video (35 minutes)


Kuroda_12 slides all (88 slides)


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