Tutorial and Advanced Lectures on Glass Science

from the IMI-NFG


  Tutorial Lectures


Tutorial lectures below are currently available on streaming video using the links listed below. You will need Real Media Player installed on your computer. A free version of Real Media Player is available for download at: realplayer.com


Introductory Level Lectures on Glass:

Nobody sees glasses; only glass scientists see glasses

(An Introductory Lecture on Glass for the General Audience)

Minoru Tomozawa , Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY

to run rm video: Part 1 ( 18 minutes) Part 2 ( 9 minutes)

Tomozawa Slides for both parts




More Technical Tutorials:


Guided Photons, Waveguides & Applications

Prof. Animesh Jha, University of Leeds, UK

Part 1: (39 minutes)


Part 2: (34 minutes) Jha Slides for both modules (pdf)




Glasses for Lithography & Lithography for Glasses

Prof. Miroslav Vlcek, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

Part 1: Intro to Chalcogenide Glass and photoresponse to Dry Etching (54 minutes)


Part 2: Wet Etching (45 minutes)


Part 3 : Resolution Limit (23 minutes)


Vlcek Slides for all modules (pdf)



Sol-Gel Glass & Processing - An Overview (43 minutes)

Ana Marques, Instituto Superior Technico, Lisboa, Portugal


Marques Slides (pdf)


Amorphous and glassy chalcogenides - high-tech materials for optics, optoelectronics, biology and medicine.

Prof. Miloslav Frumar, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

Frumar Video Frumar Slides (pdf)

Glass structure by infrared spectroscopy

Prof. Stratos Kamitsos, National Hellenic Research Foundation, Athens, Greece
Kamitsos Video Kamitsos slides (pdf)

Glass as Template to Generate Nanostructure

Dr. D. Chakravorty, Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, W. B. India

Chakravorty Video Chakravorty slides (pdf)

Nuclear magnetic Resonance Basics

Prof. Otmar Kanert, University of Dortmund, Germany

Kanert1 Video no slides available for this presentation

Nuclear magnetic Resonance - Applications

Kanert2 Video no slides available for this presentation


Ionic Motion in Materials with Disordered Structures

Prof. Klaus Funke, University of Muenster, Germany

Part 1: Materials & Phenomena


Part 2: Dynamics of Ions In Motion


Slides for Funke Part 1 & 2 (36 slides, pdf, 0.8 M)



Glass Ceramics for Night Vision

Xianghau Zhang, Laboratory of Glass & Ceramics, University of Rennes, France


Zhang Video (41 minutes) No slides available at this time


Fractal Geometry Applied To Fracture - 4 parts

J. J. Mecholsky, Jr., University of Florida, Gainesville, FL

Part 1: Characteristics of Fracture ( 22 minutes)

Mecholsky Part 1 ( 22 minutes)

Part 2: Fractal Geometry - A Renewed Math ( 22 minutes)

http://rm1.cc.lehigh.edu:8080/dept/IMI/Mecholsky-Tutorial-Part2/index.html move link into above

Fractal Slides for Part 1 & 2 (pdf, 1.9 M)

Part 3: Modeling Approach - FSA ( 6 minutes)

http://rm1.cc.lehigh.edu:8080/dept/IMI/Mecholsky-Tutorial-Part3/index.html move link into above

Part 4: FSA (Fracture Surface Analysis) Applications ( 7 minutes)

http://rm1.cc.lehigh.edu:8080/dept/IMI/Mecholsky-Tutorial-Part4/index.html move link into above

Fractal Slides for Part 3&4 (pdf, 4.2 M)


Densification of Fused Silica by Stress or Laser Irradiation

John C. Lambropoulos, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

Part 1 video ( 20:21 minutes)

http://rm1.cc.lehigh.edu:8080/dept/IMI/Lambropoulos-Tutorial-Part1/index.html move link into above

Part 2 video ( 22 minutes) Lambropoulos Slides for Part1&2

http://rm1.cc.lehigh.edu:8080/dept/IMI/Lambropoulos-Tutorial-Part2/index.html move link into above



An Introduction to Tellurite Glasses -A 5 lecture series presented by

Prof. Raouf El-Mallawany, Minufiya University, Egypt


Module 1 -Tellurite Glass Introduction

Module 1 video: Tellurite Mod1 slides



Module 2 - Tellurite Glass History

Module 2 video: Tellurite Mod2 slides



Module 3 - Elastic & Thermal Properties

Module 3 video: Tellurite Mod3 slides



Module 4 Electrical and Dielectric Properties

Module 4 video: Tellurite Mod4_slides



Module 5 Optical Properties

Module 5 video: Tellurite Mod5_slides




Advanced Topic Lectures

Dynamic heterogeneity of glassy ionics probed by nuclear magnetic resonance and low-frequency spectral hole burning

Roland Bohmer, Dortmund University, Germany

Bohmer video (56 min rm) Slides for Bohmer All Parts (46 pdf slides, 1.8M)




Externally Attained Functionality in Network Chalcogenide Glasses Exemplified by Radiation-Induced Effects: Four 30 minute modules

Oleh Shpotyuk, LVIV, Ukraine

Part 1: Introduction

Introduction Part 1A (29 minutes)


Introduction Part 1B (28 minutes) http://rm1.cc.lehigh.edu:8080/dept/IMI/Shpotyuk1B/index.html

Slides for both 1A&B (pdf, 0.8 M)


Part 2 Remarkable Features and Applications

Applications Part 2A (26 minutes) (2A under repair) http://rm1.cc.lehigh.edu:8080/dept/IMI/Shpotyuk2A/index.html

Applications Part 2B (22 minutes) http://rm1.cc.lehigh.edu:8080/dept/IMI/Shpotyuk2B/index.html

Slides for both 2A&B (pdf, 1.5 M)



Part 3: Follow-up lecture on Aging from Nov. 2006

Physical Aging in nanostructured, topologically disordered networks

Part 3 video (44 min) Part 3 slides (pdf)




Microcrystallization and Active Applications of some Novel Glasses

Guorong Chen, Institute of Inorganic Materials

East China University of Science and Technology (ECUST)

G_Chen video ( 60 min) Chen slides (pdf) (6.4M)




Visualising Glass

Neville Greaves, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK.

Visualizing video ( 54 minutes) Visualizing slides (3.9 M pdf)




Zeolite Collapse, Polyamorphism and the Role of Low Frequency Modes

Neville Greaves, University of Wales, Aberystwyth, UK.

Zeolite video ( 59 minutes) Zeolite slides (2.6 M pdf)





From Flow & Fracure of Advanced Glasses Conf., Oct. 2005 at PSU


Does Glass Fracture by Nucleation, Growth and Coalescence of Cavities

S. M. Wiederhorn, NIST (USA)

Presented at Flow & Fracure of Advanced Glasses, Oct. 2005 at PSU

Wiederhorn Video (27:25)



Stress Corrosion damage and Crack Propagation in Silicate Glasses

E. Bouchaud, CEA - Saclay (France)

Presented at Flow & Fracure of Advanced Glasses, Oct. 2005 at PSU

Bouchaud Video (33:20)



Failure Strain Studies of Glass Fibers

Richard Brow, Univ. of Missouri-Rolla (USA)

Presented at Flow & Fracure of Advanced Glasses, Oct. 2005 at PSU

Brow video (26 minutes)



Advances in Random Hole Optical Fiber Fabrication

Gary Pickrell, Virginai Tech

Presented at 17th University Glass Conference, June 2005 at PSU

Pickrell video (21 minutes)